Ok For REALS, For Reals.

Summer is over.  I know this because one day I was (still) whining about how hot it is and now it is the next day and I am now whining about how COLD it is!!  I mean, I’m in full-on long-legged, long-sleeved, socks and all PJ’s people!!  And I still want to curl under a blanket and die!  Maybe I should get gloves… and a beanie.  A red and white beanie.  With tassels.  That looks like an eagle head.


Yeah, like that!

Or like this:

Whatcha think?  I really need to know so Santa Honey can get one for my stocking.

In other news…

So, this morning (and by “morning” I mean before the buttcrack of dawn) I had a super-awesome dream.  I was seeing and remembering and experiencing events and stuff from my childhood.  This isn’t the first time I’ve had a dream like this, but this is the first I had of this dream.

Last time I had one of these dreams I was so crushed when I woke up because I could see what I wanted to say but the words wouldn’t form and the happiness drained from me like the water from my not-quite-shut water bottle in my purse.  So this time, in my dream, I kept trying extra hard to concentrate on what I was seeing so I could remember and talk about and look up on the interwebz these happy memories.  I was so fierce in my efforts that when I suddenly woke up at 4:00 a.m. I didn’t try to go back to sleep!  No… I forced myself awake enough to reach for my phone and with one eye open peck out “Great Space Coaster” on the youTube app, and found myself silently singing that theme song right along with the clip.

By then I knew I was fully awake and also fully NOT getting up (before the buttcrack of dawn, remember?) so I laid there and sort of prayed that I could remember some more of my dream.

And I kind of did.

But it wasn’t much.

I remembered a time when we hadn’t been able to contact my uncle for days and were worried that he’d taken his life.  And since that was the first thing I could remember after my little prayer I thought to myself, “Oh shit, does that mean something’s wrong?”  So I turned over and grabbed the phone again, and hen-pecked out a text to my mom if she knew how he’s doing.

After that, all I could remember was Captain Caveman!

Eventually I did fall back asleep and re-woke at a more normal hour of 9:00, but now I feel like something is missing.

I know you are reading.  Please, won’t you please comment this one time and share your favorite late 70’s – mid-80’s memories with me?  Especially if we grew up together??  I’ll give you the recipe for brown sugar toffee bars (which are probably wayyyyy more awesome if you get the chocolate-covered toffee bits!)….


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