Would You Rather? The Coke Edition!

So at dinner tonight the Villagers decided to test my loyalty to the Nectar of the Gods, Coca-Cola.
In Coke vs. ______ these are the things that lost to my favorite beverage:

  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Going into space
  • Meeting Bon Jovi
  • Never watching TV again



Yes, I would rather have my Coke than any of those things.  There were two others where my loyalty was greater than that to Coke, Honey and the Utah Utes Football team.

I know, I know… they are sucking eggs this season; I’m chalking it up as an adjustment period.  It’s their first time in the PAC 12 and they’re a little intimidated.  Next season they’ll put their big boy panties on and bring the defense like no other!


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