So Long, Sucker!! (I Mean, Summer!)

Change is in the air and it looks and smells a lot like fall.  It’s not because it’s mid-October, it’s because we finally fell out of having mid-to-high 90′ temperatures!  The last week it’s been trying to storm, but mostly is just resulting in perfect daytime 77′ temps, mini-migraines from the “storm front”, and frigid 48′ nights with the windows open and the fans on so I can curl up under seventeen blankets.

I’ve been thinking of other signs that it’s winter, I mean fall (of course we have more than two seasons in CA!), and here’s what I came up with:

  • Stephen’s is rumored to have named it’s new hot cocoa flavor… MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE!!!  No, I have not died.  But yes.  I am in heaven!!
  • I’m down to about 4 bottles of water a day instead of seventeen.
  • Coke consumption is down, too.  Now I just want a few sips instead of a few cases.
  • Nature has turned on me and it is now dark in the morning, and at 6:00 at night!
  • Football season is well under way and I think I may be a jinx to my favorite team (which, btw, more prophets and apostles in the church have graduated from than that other school) as they are 2-6 so far.  And now I hang my head in shame.  It’s all because I bought a shirt and started watching the games on my phone since we no longer have cable.  (If I promise to stop watching, will you promise to start kicking ass?)
  • Grey’s Anatomy is back in business, and those people are more jacked up than before!!  I know you never thought it possible, but WRONG-O!  Of course, this also makes them more human and therefore more endearing; furthering our obsessive desire to keep up with the goings on of Seattle Grace/Mercy West.
  • Screw the rumour, I have proof!!!
  • The pool is now closed until February.  That just means I’ve put away the swim trunks and pool towels and you must swim in your underwear and dry off with the shoddiest bath towel you can find (of which there are none because I did a purge to make it so).
  • Soups, chilis, and the crock pot are now our main sources of dinner.

Speaking of dinner, my frozen homemade lasagna is out of the oven so I gotta go!


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