Tradition, Tradition!

(you’ve got that song in  your head now, don’t you?)

I introduced a tradition to my little family a couple of weeks ago.  It was met with much resistance by the Villagers as it goes against the norm for the event that it precedes, but is now performed as naturally as if it always were.

I grew up with a different faith tradition than that of my extended family.  When I was a child and would share meals with my Dad’s side of the family, we always joined hands and joyfully sang what we called “The Johnny Appleseed Prayer” (rather than folding our arms, bowing our heads, and saying a traditional prayer).

Losing my grandparents and having no connection with Dad’s family leaves a large hole in my heart.  I loved my grandparents dearly, and so to bring a little part of them to my children’s lives we now also join hands and sing Johnny Appleseed before our prayer.  I found a clip for you here and after viewing I realized we really only sing the first verse but still I hope you enjoy the sentiment:


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