I Get Lost

No, this isn’t a Debbie Gibson song.  But I do feel lost.

Just kidding.  Well, not in a funny ha-ha way but in a wait, I-mean-something-else way.  Why does it take so much time for me to figure out that’s what this (indescribable) feeling is?  And why do I keep trying to get out of having this disease?  Seriously, it’s not like it ever goes away.  EVER.  I mean, yeah… I have symptom-free days.  Sometimes a lot of them.  In a row, even.

Obviously not the last six days though.  No, those have been chock full o’ symptoms.

It’s irritating because even though I’ve taken steps to lessen the effects, it’s still really crippling.  I have amazing friends that let me hang out with them while they clean their homes, drive out of town with them to do a kid pick-up, or cry on their couches when I can’t move to the next step on my list or face my kids fighting AGAIN.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to say it out loud, though.

Help me.






(I’m going to put on my LOUD Playlist and get in the shower.  Maybe I can wash the feeling away today.)


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