Do You Hear What I Hear?

Let’s hope not.  Otherwise, you’ll need a brake job on your car too!


Let’s talk laundry.  More specifically, let’s talk laundering your bras.  How do you do it?  Because I have these really great bras and I am not just tossing these girls in the machine without some kind of protection!  Do I send them out for dry cleaning?  PLEASE, share your secrets with me!

Now let’s talk Halloween.

I have no creative juices flowing at the moment, and I need three boy costumes that I can put together with stuff from Goodwill and minimal sewing that are not Harry Potter or a pirate.  Go.  Spew ideas.  Be fruitful.

Now I need to go to bed.  My brakes sound like I have an outboard motor attatched to my car and I need to get up early to take the car in.  Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Do You Hear What I Hear?

  1. Throw those good bras into a mesh laundry bag (available anywhere) and wash on a delicate cycle with other undies. Hang dry. They will last as long as good bras last when treated with TLC. Your bras will love you!

    I can’t help you with Halloween; other than the year one of my boys rigged a plastic knife to look like it went in one side of his head and cane out the other. Blood everywhere.

  2. Warning: TMI answer below. The lady who helped me with my bra fitting a couple years ago told me to never put bras in the washing machine. The foam-like padding stuff breaks down little by little when the cups get smashed. She instructed me to hand wash them in cold water with a mild detergent. She also said not to store them in a drawer or anywhere the cups could get smashed. I kept the hangers from the store and hang them up in the back of my closet. One other thing: she said the elasticity of the band will hold up better if you rotate through your bra selection. If you wear the same one day after day, it will break down faster. It needs about 24 hours in between uses.

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