Once More, With Feeling!

This is like, the seventeenth time I’ve tried to sit down and post in the last several days.  Every time I do, some child starts ranting and raving about who did what to who or he’s got my ____.  It’s insane!

Ok, onto the real post…

Lately Honey has been beyond busy.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not very low-maintenance so this has been really trying for me.  I think I’m doing a good job about not complaining, or not turning into a major-motion drama queen; but I could feel that time quickly approaching on the horizon.  Luckily, Honey sensed evil lurking and took steps to avoid WWIII raining down upon my emotions.

Let me backtrack for just a second…

Shana the Beautiful did the right thing this year and transferred her kids from regular public school to the same public charter school that the Villagers go to.  This is awesome for several reasons:

  1. D and J are best friends and since we don’t live in the same neighborhood they didn’t go to school together and didn’t get to see very much of each other.  Now they do!
  2. Shana’s kids are freaky smart like mine.  Their learning needs are MUCH better met at our school.  Class sizes average 22 kids and they are not afraid to put the smack down on a kid that’s misbehaving or bullying others.
  3. (This one’s my favorite) CARPOOLING!!!
  4. (This one is my SUPER favorite!)  We each get a day off from being Mom during the week!  One day of the week the same person that drives to school also picks up and then brings all the kids back to their house and does lunch and homework with the kids until 4:30/5:00 (our kids get out of school at 12:45) giving the other a basically kid-free day!!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program…

So Thursdays are my day off and yesterday morning Honey said, “Hey, pick me up at 12:30 and we can go have lunch togther.”  I was like, “Ok!  Cool!”  And then I realized that Honey’s lunch time is 11:30…

It occurred to me that Honey may have planned this in advance!  It turns out, he took the rest of the day off of school just for us.  What a rock star!!

So we went to lunch and then hit our favorite date spot, Barnes & Noble; to troll the aisles for titles we wanted to check out from the library.

Ever since my first smartphone I’ve made sure to have the Goodreads app on it and as I was entering titles yesterday I thought to myself, “I wish they had a barcode scanner so I didn’t have to manually enter all these titles.”  I started flipping different pages of the app and Oh look!  They DO have a barcode scanner!!  This date just got a lot more fun!

We ended our time together strolling through Costco (we needed to pick up some more cases of water we keep for emergency preparedness since I drank all of ours last month) and noting how sad it is that they’ve given the shaft to their books & movies section, and then I sent him on his way to his other job for the evening.

I love having DATE dates with Honey, but I have to say that my favorite ones are when we’re just hanging out at home doing regular everyday things together.  I told him next time his Mom comes to town, we should see if we can dump the kids at Grandma & Grandpa’s (where she stays) for the weekend and then just come back home and do nothing together!  Work on the house, run errands, go to church, whatever!

I can’t wait for him to retire…


One thought on “Once More, With Feeling!

  1. That is just 100% rad. I get you on the busy thing. I didn’t realize what a burden it was on our marriage to have G booked beyond his capacity, until this summer when he actually said no to some things and we had time to spend together when we weren’t too exhausted to do anything but watch Star Trek on Netflix. Turns out it is good for us. Turns out the crazy schedule was a big part of the rocky road we had last year. Who knew?

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