I’m Siiiiick

I’ve got one of those stupid end-of-summer colds and I find it very rude.  I think it’s because I said I wasn’t getting a flu shot this year.  Well, Universe, if you were trying to teach me a lesson you failed because I’m still not getting a flu shot!!  I’m just not so sure that they actually work so I only get one every other year.  It’s usually the same strains each year anyway, so I figure I’m good.

Last weekend I had some girl time.  A few of us from church went to Time Out for Women in Sacramento.  We met up with some other girls in our party at the Cheesecake Factory.  It was my first time.  I am not impressed.  It was super overpriced, and I wasn’t very hungry so I ordered the corn fritters, which were more like roasted corn hush puppies.  Only they were made with flour so they weren’t even real hush puppies because those are made with cornmeal!  The point is, they were uber bland and the roasted corn kernels were very tough.  I expected them to be more like thick latkes (you know, because corn is thicker than shredded potato).  It was very disappointing.  I can, however, recommend the Chicken Marsala with gusto, as my friend ordered that and let me have a taste.  I did not have any cheesecake (!!!) as I am lactose intolerant and cannot bring myself to pay $8 a slice for much of anything no matter how fantastic.  I was certainly tempted by some of the flavors, though!  Provided it was real banana and not banana flavoring, I could’ve gone for the Banana Cream slice.  Or the Pineapple Upside Down slice.  The Limoncello torte also looked delicious, but I think if I go back I’ll have to see if anyone will split a piece of Pina Colada cheesecake with me.  I can’t resist pina colada!!

Friday evening’s session was worse than a date with a smelly dentist.  There was no air conditioning in the center, and the musical act AND the speakers were just real depressing.  Add that to me feeling the worst of my cold-infested weekend, and I left early for our hotel to pout about Utah’s loss to Utah State (no, I am not above watching the game on my phone at a spiritual presentation) so I would be ready for late night fun with my girls!

Saturday’s presentations were much better.  Most of the women speakers were very humorous, the one dude about put us all to sleep, and Jericho Road performed multiple times.  Jericho Road… they’re talented guys.  What had me rolling my eyes was all the ladies acting like they were at a Rolling Stones concert.  SERIOUSLY!!!  It was sad.  It’s a good thing they had some Boyz II Men tunes rolling out to distract me.

The best part of the weekend was FB hacking on some of the girls’ phones.  Seriously, if you know me at all you should know that your phone is not safe if you leave it within my reach!  Let’s just say that poles were danced, lessons were learned, I got six pack abs from laughing so hard, a bruise on my butt from falling down at laughing so hard, and strengthened friendships that I didn’t even know I had (but am supremely grateful for!).

I spent yesterday recuperating at home while the kids were at church.  It was nice to have a couple hours of quiet to just read and nap!  When the kids got home we watched the 1st & 2nd “Narnia” movies.  Such good stories!  Honey knew I had been wanting to watch “2012” recently (nothing’s better than a good disaster flick, amIright?) and last night he presented me with a copy of it to watch during my continued convalescence today.  He does such a good job of taking care of me!!  Now if only I could get rid of the chain-smoker voice…

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