Bride of Chucky

Living 800 miles from family makes it hard for me to stay tight with them.  That’s why, when an opportunity presents itself for some sibling hazing bonding, I take full advantage of my position as the oldest to set an example of how to be supportive and loving from afar.

Why, just this morning I had an opportunity to show what a great sister I am and how much I care for my brother Jim and sister Emily!  I’ve copied the whole conversation from FB for you so that you can see what an awesome sister I am and make notes for how you can improve your own sibling relationships…



Emily 40 minutes ago near West Jackson, UT·

  • just heard a noise in my house. A little freaked out
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      • KPL well, make sure to let us know what it was… 🙂
        33 minutes ago ·
      • Sallygirl It was lobsterman. He’s coming to get you with his claw. And a rusty ax. p.s. He cut the phone lines.
        32 minutes ago ·
      • Emily It sounded like someone was walking around. I really need to get in the shower and I almost got the courage to but I keep hearing creaking.
        23 minutes ago via mobile ·
      • Sallygirl It’s the babysitter. The headless one.
        22 minutes ago ·
      • Emily You are evil
        21 minutes ago via mobile ·
      • Sallygirl Whaaat?
        21 minutes ago ·
      • Jon M I am guessing it is a guy dressed in a gorilla suit! lol
        20 minutes ago ·
      • Emily You’ll all feel really bad when I go missing.
        19 minutes ago via mobile ·
      • Sallygirl ‎@Jon M It’s Ted Bundy in a gorilla suit!
        19 minutes ago ·
      • Jimbo so…you’re sitting with your back to the door while you’re on facebook?
        18 minutes ago ·
      • Jon M it is 2 midgets wrestling in a potato sack! lol @ Sallygirl!
        18 minutes ago ·
      • Emily No, silly Jimbo. I’m on my phone ready to call 911 as run out the door.
        17 minutes ago via mobile ·
      • Jimbo I could bring Mason and do a sweep of your house if you’d like… 🙂
        16 minutes ago ·
      • Sallygirl Your kids called 911 one too many times and now they won’t answer your calls…
        16 minutes ago ·
      • Emily My mom is coming to save me. Are you home Jim?
        16 minutes ago via mobile ·
      • Sallygirl No, he’s in a gorilla suit hiding upstairs in the shower
        15 minutes ago ·
      • Jimbo Nope, I’m at work, but if I get to shoot someone at somebody ELSE’s house, that’s a lot cleaner for me
        15 minutes ago ·
      • Emily Sallygirl you are so mean.  Jim, lol.
        14 minutes ago via mobile ·
      • Jimbo gotta jump on those opportunities, y’know
        14 minutes ago ·
      • Jimbo Sallygirl’s just lucky she doesn’t have a basement for the headless nun to haunt
        14 minutes ago
      • Emily I was waiting for old headless to be brought up.
        13 minutes ago via mobile ·
      • Jimbo btdubs, are you guys gonna step it up this week in SongPop or what?
        13 minutes ago ·
      • Emily I scared the crap out of Ty this morning. This is my payback.
        12 minutes ago via mobile ·
      • Jon M Jim can’t be upstairs in the shower that is me, he is suppose to be in the closet in the office! Come on Jim we discussed this, the midgets are ready!
        12 minutes ago ·
      • Emily Jon, does that mean Jim gets to shoot you?
        11 minutes ago via mobile ·
      • Sallygirl Wait, wait… if you’re in the shower, Jimmy’s in the closet, and the midgets are wearing the gorilla suit, who’s in the garage?
        11 minutes ago ·
      • Jimbo I’d say “i’m shooting blanks”, but we all know that’s not true
        11 minutes ago ·
      • Jon M that was why I brought midgets, he cant see them and they are packing too!
        10 minutes ago ·
      • Jon M the garage, hmmmm………..not sure Emily, hurry and go to the garage and tell Ted Bundy we are not waiting any longer, GAME ON!
        9 minutes ago · 1 Like
      • Emily Mike is coming to save me. He’s checking my house for all you crazies, you better run!!!!!!
        8 minutes ago via mobile ·
      • Sallygirl You know, they never did catch the Zodiac killer
        8 minutes ago ·
      • Jon M Mike is in the garage dressed as Ted Bundy you goof he is with us!
        7 minutes ago ·
      • Jon M So let me get this right, I am upstairs in the shower, Jim is in the closet and the midgets are running around with Mike dressed as Ted Bundy dressed in a gorilla suit in the garage. Everything is covered LET THE GAMES BEGIN and may the odds forever be in your favor Emily! lol
        5 minutes ago · 1 Like
      • Jimbo and by “liking” your comment, I mean to take away a man card for using a Hunger Games reference
        4 minutes ago ·
      • Jon M LOL, hey man I knocked it til I tried it and it wasn’t too bad.
        3 minutes ago ·
      • Jon M well go ahead and suspend yours as well for knowing that it was a Hunger Games quote!
        2 minutes ago ·
      • Jimbo ‎…crap, you caught me. It was on the airplane!!!
        2 minutes ago ·
      • Emily Mike have the all clear and my mom it’s here. Thanks for nothing my dear family and closest friends.
        2 minutes ago via mobile ·
      • Sallygirl Mom’s the Zodiac!!!

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