To Whom It Concerns, Vol. MCLL245

Dear Just4U Ambassador/Safeway Checker Lady,

I am aware of the difference between “Limit: One” and “One-time”.  The former means one.  Only one.  At that price.  The latter means as many as I damn well please in one shopping trip.  I don’t care how many meetings you went to.  I’ve got receipts that back me up, what about you?


Marathon Shopper


Dear “Driver”,

The middle of the road is not a parking lot.

Neither is it a loading and unloading zone.


Road Rage Anonymous Members of the CV Chapter


Dear “Driver”,

Perhaps you did not get my previous letter.  The drop-off line at school is also not a proper place to park your car while you run out and get something from the taco truck.  Also, if you hear horns honking?  Yes, it IS for you.


Dr. Quinn, Tire Slasherwoman


Dear LaBelle Nail Salon of Manteca California,

If you let me make an appointment for a set of nails at 6:00 and do not take me until after 6:30, I’m going to want something.  Ideally it would start with an apology at 6:10 that you are running behind and an offer of something to drink while I wait; but by no means should I have to teach you a lesson in customer service.  Hint:  Don’t get pissy.  Hint #2:  Don’t get acrylic paste all over my fingertips, put the tips on crooked and expect a tip.

If I had arrived five minutes late, you would have seen fit to cancel my appointment and make me wait 45 minutes for an opening.  My time is not less valuable than yours.  It is also not cool when a party of two make appointments expecting that they will finish around the same time, for you to not start one of them until the other one is 75% done with their appointment.

Next time, you’re doing it for free.


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