Workplace Skillz

So, I’ve been thinking about getting a job.  The boys are on the verge of jumping on a 7 year growth spurt train and I figure I’m going to need to work just to feed them.  I checked the classifieds in my local paper and just about had a coronary!  I’m not really trained or qualified to do anything, I have no degree, and through much trial and (mostly) error over the years I’ve learned that child care does not really suit me.

What’s a girl to do?

Well through talking to some friends of mine that are nurses, I’ve learned that there is a clerical job at a hospital that I’d probably be perfect for.  I wouldn’t be on my feet much, it’s mostly answering phones, calling out codes (Code Blue!) to the hospital operator so they can be announced over the PA,  paging doctors, and occasionally walking a sample over to the lab.  Sounds like me, right?

Except how do I sell that to the hiring gods?  I’ve only had a handful of jobs in my life.  I opened a pizza store in the mornings, worked as an aide at an adult daycare center, and twice I worked at a hotel reservations call center.  I’ve definitely got the phone and typing skills one needs for this job, but what else could I use to sell myself to a prospective employer?  How can I spin my skillz as a professional stay-at-home Mom into something that makes me stand out or look more attractive than other candidates?

Marinate on this and get back to me.  In the mean time, I’ve got to hunt down where to get a typing speed test and pray for an opening.  You could pray for me too.  I really need adult conversation, the dog is starting to run when the kids leave for school!  ;^)


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