September Is My New Favorite!

I’m the kind of person that always has to have something to look forward to, otherwise I get lost in a mountain of “blah… blah… blahhhhh…” that is everyday life.  Even if it’s something small, I just need to know that something good is coming.  SOON.

This month I’ve got that something in spades!

Friday night I went out with my friend M for a little “Hooray for payday!” celebration.  I got my nails done while she got a pedicure, and then we went to dinner at BJ’s.  Have you ever been to BJ’s?  HOLY MOLEY!  That’s some good stuff.  Not unreasonably priced, either!  They have a Small Plates menu that looks divine, and hey… I think they should expand on it to include more of their regular menu.  You know, like mini versions of their entrees or more extravagant appetizers than the normal skins n’ clamari.  Anyway, I got this uh-MAZING salad that was cubed watermelon, feta cheese, and pickled red onion on a bed of arugula with a balsamic vinaigrette for $2.95!!!  And it was the PERFECT size that you’d expect a small dinner salad to be.  Now, normally I wouldn’t touch raw onion with a 17-foot pole, but you seriously couldn’t taste the bite of it even though there was plenty of it on the plate.  There were quite a few other small plate items that ranged in price from $2.95-3.99 but I opted to go with a mini Mediterranean pizza (pesto sauce topped with grilled artichoke hearts, mini tomatoes, cubes of chicken, kalamata olives and [of course!] feta).

Last night we joined some other friends from church for dinner at their house.  God has finally answered my prayers for friends that are foodies!  She made this spaghetti sauce with a recipe that had been passed down from his great-great grandmother that was incredible, and they had this tasting station of like eight different flavors of olive oil and two different bottles of balsamic vinegar with slices of baguette to dip them in.  We had great conversations about work and life, and about how I really want to get a job but have no qualifications.  He had some great advice on how to get a certain position with some local hospitals that I plan to pursue.

This Friday Deseret Book is coming to town with their Time Out for Women conference.  A bunch of my girlfriends from church and I got some hotel rooms at the conference rate and are going up for the Friday evening and Saturday all day sessions.  Plus, we have some action planned for Friday night that is reminiscent of our days as young women having a sleepover.

The following Saturday (the 15th) Shana the Beautiful and her family let us invite ourselves over to watch (potentially) the last Holy War game ever (University of Utah vs. BYU).  And the last weekend of the month the annual Father/Son campout is on the calendar, which means another rioutous girl’s night is in order!

So I’m really lucky, really blessed to have so much going on for myself this month.  I’m so grateful for all of my girlfriends who love me and uplift me and help me to be my best self.  I really hope I’m able to get this job I’ve got my eye on because it will allow me to earn some money so I can visit my other girlfriends in Utah and other points east.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  I’ve got more friends coming over to eat & swim tonight so I need to grab some bread!


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