For Sale: One Soul

(Hanging my head, heavy with shame)

I went to Satan’s Shopping Center today.  But wait, it gets worse….

I spent 90 minutes there.

I feel so dirty.

I had a lot of shopping to do today (payday!!!) so I took S along with me.  We started early so I treated him to a “breakfast cheeseburger” (sausage mcmuffin) and fruit & yogurt parfait.  I ordered my “b.c.” extra toasty and got almost raw with a little charring on the rough edges instead.  Dude, when I say I want extra EXTRA toasted, I want a freakin’ hockey puck dammit!  To top it off, I was maliciously served diet Coke.  That stuff is worse than Dr. Pepper.  It’s like battery acid!

Guess what I found at Voldemart?  You know those yummy golden biscuits you get on the airplane that make you feel like it’s tea time?  IT COMES IN A SPREAD!!!  And oh sweet candy, when I was looking for an image to share I found out… IT COMES IN CRUNCHY, TOO!!!!

Now that’s what they need to give you after donating blood!  The only way this could get better was if it came in a squeeze bottle so you could put it on waffles!!


Football season started!  And my beloved Utes from the University of Awesome, I mean Utah, completely trashed Northern Colorado 41-0 in last night’s season opener.  It was a beautiful thing!  Since I don’t have cable anymore I can’t watch on TV, but when you go to the Utes’ season schedule and click on the date; the game info will pop up in the side box and then you can launch GameTracker which lets you watch an animated version of it play-by-play.  Next up is Utah State, and the weekend after that it’s the only game that matters… the Holy War (Utah vs. BYU).




One thought on “For Sale: One Soul

  1. I love the Biscoff Spread! In our neighborhood Iron Chef competition a few weeks ago, we had to make a dessert with zucchini. We made these cute little zucchini muffins, heated the Biscoff spread and drizzled it over the muffins. Guess who won first prize? Yum!

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