I Go A Walkin’

But not after midnight.  (27,000 house points and a blessin’ from the Pope if you snag the reference!)

Last week I decided that since it’s a balmy 53′ most mornings now, that I should walk Honey to school with our dog.  (Shh… don’t tell my kids!  Then they’ll think they don’t have to walk her every day!)  So this morning I did just that!  I put on my athletic shoes (BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! “Athletic”) grabbed a poop bag, and off we went!  After I turned around to go home, I wondered why the heck I was doing this.  It hurts!  But then I told myself after I do it for awhile it won’t.  Shoot, I may even start walking further and further one of these days.  You know, 24,000 miles from now because that’s how long it’ll take me to get used to this.

I think I discovered something about myself.  I’m really really bored.  Not for lack of things to do, Lord knows there are more things that need doing than I care to count; I’ve just always felt SO overwhelmed by it all.  But something’s changed.  Or is changing.  I’m tired of being bored so I decided to start trying things on, doing things I hate (like walking), and I figure eventually I’ll end up happier than I am today.  And busier.  And not bored.

I think I’ll give credit to my mom for this.  Seeing her so trapped in the misery she’s created for herself is a powerful motivator.  I guess my sister can have some credit too, because it’s she that gives me inspiration for what to do.  When I see all she does in a day, I can’t imagine ever being that busy; but maybe that’s because it’s what I’ve chosen.  I can do some of what she does.  I can be a better mom and wife.  I can be a better me.  I’d give credit to my brother, but he’s only good for nerd stuff.  ;^)  I guess the Olympic themed Coke cans in my fridge can have some credit too, but only because they’re Olympic.

Ok, what else…

California Mormons!  Attentionz!  Non-Utah Mormons in general!!  My sister just posted about the supremely awesome time they had at their ward campout last weekend.  We had lots of those growing up in Happy Valley.  Is this habit strictly regulated to the uber-Mo’s in Utah, or do we get these too?  Methinks I need to email the bishop.  Wouldn’t it be SO awesome if we convened at Donner Lake and did some canoeing and waterskiing?  I know!  Also, we could finally have a place to take kids snipe hunting!  Did you know this practice has been banned from Girl’s Camp under the banner of “hazing”???  Really?  For reals?  All kinds of wrong, people!  Snipe hunting is NOT hazing.  It’s a time honored tradition amongst Young Women campers everywhere that hurts and shames no one.

Ok, why is it more expensive to buy Cokes in the midget cans than in regular can size?  I’m finding that really all I want to/can actually drink is half a can and I’m getting ticked off at the wasteage.

Hey, remember my toxic earlobes from yesterday?  Today they accepted surgical steel and so far, there’s no molten metal flowing out the holes.  I’ll let you know what color steel turns tomorrow.  I figured it must be only my earlobes that are acidic since my wedding ring is still gold.

Alright, now I’m just grasping at straws so I can keep writing.  Time to face the music.  Today’s is Michael Jackson Monday, so beat it!



One thought on “I Go A Walkin’

  1. Really? Snipe hunting is banned? We had a snipe hunt at girl’s camp a couple weeks ago. Glad we weren’t reported. 🙂 Although, as far as no one getting hurt, I’d have to disagree with you on that one. I distinctly remember the way a rock ripped up my sister’s eye while she was on a snipe hunt at girl’s camp.

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