Everybody’s Working Thru The Weekend!

Sometimes I hate homeschool.  Ok, basically all the time.  It really sucks the time out of your day getting all that work done!  I sometimes wish my kids were average; but when you hit the genetic lottery that comes with swimming in this gene pool God’s got to make up for it somehow.  So they get a few extra brain cells.  I’m grateful we have a school that can accommodate their learning needs.

I threw away our fingernail clippers because they were dull and making my nails peel when they start to regrow.  Now I’ve got jacked up nails and have forgotten to buy a new pair of clippers each time I went to three different stores on Wednesday, once yesterday, and again today.  Can’t I have an assistant or someone who runs out and gets this stuff for me?  You know, like a concierge?  Sonja on RHONY has several unpaid interns from NYU or thereabouts that she’s wrangled into slave labor, why can’t I have one too?  (pout)

Ok.  Somebody has a scout campout tonight and of course, a tinfoil dinner must be prepared for the occasion.  Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go!


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