Epic Fails

I’ve been thinking, I sure have a lot of failures lately.  Naturally, I thought the thing to do was come here and share them with you!  I hope we have all learned a lesson.

  • My friend (and awesome YA Author!) Brodi Ashton tweeted last night that she had discovered Skype but it said she had no friends.  I let her know that I have Skype with no friends, too.  Also, I have no webcam so that maybe puts a little crinkle in me even needing to have friends.  Or Skype.
  • I made Lazy Chile Rellenos for dinner last night, except I wasn’t lazy at all!  I roasted, peeled and seeded those damn “mild” peppers the day before.  I say “mild” because what they should have said was “so hot your mouth will be on fire continuously for six hours.”  I should’ve been suspicious when the mild ones looked exactly the same as the hot ones… But that’s not where the FAIL comes in.  No… that comes in after the whole dish is cooked and so slimy it’s like eating bloated, watery oatmeal.  Plus, two cups of jack cheese and somehow it did not taste cheesy at all!

Actually, I guess it’s only those two failures.  Great!  I still can call myself Mary Poppins, “Practically perfect in every way!”  


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