Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory

Of the starting of the school!  Children running, screaming ev’ry where that “Hey, this isn’t cool!”

(Can you tell my kids started school today?)

I got up, sent them on their merry way, and proceeded to do whatever I darn well please!  (Which so far has consisted of:  Watching re-runs of The Cosby Show and Roseanne, turning up the stereo REAL LOUD, taking a rawther leisurely shower, and tending to you my dear readers!  I did attempt to get in a few rounds of Songpop but it was running uber-slowly and out of sync causing me to receive rotten scores and to appear musically ignorant.  Also, I got two scores above 20,000 points and it still says my high score for the week is like 19, 976.  Which it isn’t!)

Yesterday was Sunday.  Ohhh…. the Sunday.  Honey and I are taking a “strengthening marriage” class.  I guess the Bishop found out that we are sleeping not only in separate beds, but separate houses.  KIDDING!  There were quite a few things said that rubbed me the wrong way, and I’m not sure they’ll want me to stay since I tend to not follow the herd.  We’ll see.

S gave a talk in Primary yesterday about the current month’s theme which was:  “Things I can do to invite the Spirit more into my life” or something really close to that.  He came to get me from RS and as I walked into the Primary room I nearly passed out from the overwhelming scent of sweaty bodies, B.O., and major pediatric halitosis!  The music leader is 17 months pregnant, I don’t know how she manages it.  I think they need to revisit that lesson of “My body is a temple” and talk less about tattoos and more about personal hygiene!  And it was Senior Primary, so I know those kids’ moms are not responsible for the bathing anymore.

My Sunday worship services concluded with a lesson in Relief Society about using social media to spread the gospel, blah blah blah.  It actually was one of the more interesting lessons I’ve heard in awhile and I really appreciated how thoroughly the teacher tried to involve everyone and all the examples she gave.  I was shocked to find that there were only two sisters with blogs, including my fabulous self, but then I remembered that I’ve been writing for over 10 years now and blogging isn’t such a new thing anymore.  Most people use FB to keep up with friends and relations, and yay for that!

Fortunately for me, the other sister explained her blog first and then we moved on so I didn’t have to reveal that I have not (yet) used mine as any sort of missionary tool.

I don’t know.  I feel like I’m most definitely not what the public at large thinks of when they think, “Oh, that person’s a Mormon.”  But maybe I should add a few links or a picture of the temple so that they do.


Well, time is up kiddies.  Now that I can no longer taste this morning’s toothpaste it’s time for my mormon coffee morning Coke and to kvetch with the ladies of The View!  I leave you with my new favorite youTube obsession:  An episode of Pittsburgh Dad (thank you, Ana Banana for turning me on to this!)


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