“Have You Heard…

…there’s a rumor in St. Petersburg?”


50,000 house points and a blessing from the Pope if you know where that comes from.  (Speaking of origins, did we ever discover where the house points and blessing from the Pope come from?  Hint:  It’s not Harry Potter!)

So now that school is beginning on Monday and life will return to normal, I am very excited to announce that I will be blogging regularly again.  This is not a lie.  There are cobwebs all over my brain and it is time to sweep!

My brother is kind of a nerd, ok, he IS a nerd, and was one of the first to jump on the Google+ bandwagon.  I decided to take a peek the other day.  Meh.  It would be cooler if more people I know (in real life or my fantasy one) used it.  And by “used it” I don’t mean signed up and then forgot about it, I mean signed up and actually post stuff to it.  That’s what the little g+ button is for when you see it in the Share part of a web page you’re looking at.


There’s an organization called KIVA that is really awesome.  It’s a micro-lending site for people in developing countries who need a small amount of money to get or keep their business going so they can support themselves and their families in the communities they live in.  Thanks to a generous friend of KIVA, you can now “lend” someone $25 for free!  That means they pay in your name.  Additionally, if your friends accept your personal invite to join, you get to make another $25 loan at no cost to you.  So use my linkAccept my invitation!!

And then let me know that you did so I can add more awesomeness points to your rank in my circle of friends I’m saving seats for.

I need to find a better way to string my thoughts along instead of using that little ~*~*~ line to mark the end of one thought and start of another.  Perhaps I could use writing skillz, but sometimes that hurts my brain too much.  Ok, most of the time.

I have a bike.  (That’s for you, and you know who you are)


Today we know the way to San Jose.  Wo, wo, wo, wo , wo, wo, wo, wo, wo….  Honey’s mom is in town so we’re going to Grandma & Grandpa’s to hang out.  I have mixed feelings.  I love them.  But it’s hard to find enough stuff to do/talk about for the amount of time we spend there when they’re always nodding off.  I wish it wasn’t rude to bring magazines to read because I’ve got a stack piling up that I’ve gotten behind in reading.

Ooh, I’m sure you’ve all noted that Grimm has returned to NBC quite a bit ahead of the rest of the fall lineup.  And speaking of the fall lineup, what will you be watching on the boob tube this fall?  Now that we don’t have cable or a DVR, I have to actually watch at the time and date the show airs.  Which is highly inconvenient when there are three shows at the same time that I’d like to be watching.  My calendar tells me this is my schedule:

  • Sundays:  The Amazing Race (might drop that depending on how interesting the teams are) and Once Upon A Time
  • Mondays:  Revolution (it premieres on this night, not sure if it’s the regular night)
  • Wednesdays:  Survivor Philipines, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, CSI
  • Thursdays:  Elementary, Grey’s Anatomy, Glee (all of which are on at the same time.. :^P )
  • Fridays:  CSI: NY, Grimm

We’ll see how well it goes.  I’ll probably be dropping L&O: SVU and CSI because they’re on at the same time as Criminal Minds and even though I can catch up on the web, I probably won’t.  I’ll definitely be catching Glee and maybe Elementary online if it’s available because we all know that Grey’s is priority number one.  Even Honey watches it with me sometimes!

Shana the Beautiful graciously records my Real Housewives fix (OC, Bev Hills, NY & Atlanta; whichever current season is on) and Hoarders.  Because nothing’s more entertaining than finding out what’s underneath all the hoard…

Nothing like a good train wreck to remind you how great your own life is!


Gotta run.  Bed head is not a look I want to show off at the in-laws.

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