McDonald’s Is THE DEVIL!!!

So, remember when I blogged about how I was super pissed that they were no longer building a Chick-fil-A in my town?  Today, I found out why.

McDonald’s is being built there instead.

You know, because four of them in the same very small town is not enough.  We must have one at every gateway to the city!  Thus sayeth the Lord of Fast Food!!  Why, it’s the eleventeenth commandment!  No!  I’m not over-using the exclamation point!!


*Disclaimer:  In light of the recent kerfuffle about CFA, I am agonizing giving up my chicken to show solidarity for those I love.  I know it’s just food.  I know people are more important than food.  But it’s the best chicken I’ve ever tasted.  EVER.  Ok.  Just wanted to let it be known.  Not inviting a discussion about free speech or marriage of any kind.


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