Yep, Still Here!

As I’m sure all 1.27935 of my readers have noticed, it’s been rawther cricket-chirpity over here as of late.  I’m sorry about that, we have been computer-less for a couple of weeks.  Shana-the-Beautiful’s pop gave us his extra (which really, you couldn’t find a more generous guy) we have just been busy and not made time to transfer our old files over yet.  In the mean time (and in no particular order), I bring to you news of SallyGirl and her extremely boring life!

Firstly, I got a new phone.  From which I am posting, so please forgive any typos or just all out insane word misuses as my Swype predictor is extremely mentally challenged and socially retarded and I don’t always catch the errors.

I have been re-learning that I can do hard things.  My sister, E, is an amazing example to me.  She doesn’t know it because she is a maniac and probably only sits still when she pees (and even then I’m not so sure) so she never has time to return my calls, but she is an immense inspiration to me. I read all her FB and sporadic blog posts and try to keep current with all her races and runs, my nieces and nephews and their sports, and her challenges with her youngest (who has some kind of SPD or is an undiagnosed Aspie but their docs are dumb) and I am amazed at how she gets it all done without complaint. A few times she has mentioned being able to do hard things, and that is what I tell myself now when I am struggling.

Honey recently picked up some movies at the library for us to watch. After finishing one the other day I asked D to put away the VHS tape we has just finished watching and then proceeded to watch him struggle for a few minutes trying to get the box open! It was so funny to see how quickly technology has passed that even the container is outdated!

I’ve been to see the new Batman movie twice. I can scarcely believe it, but I have to say that I liked it even better than The Avengers! This summer has been a great disappointment to me with the selection of movies. Last summer there was something we could see every week, this time there have only been a few that were suitable. Next summer though, I can hardly wait!! Iron Man 3, Thor 2, a Star Trek sequel, Monsters University, The Lone Ranger, Despicable Me 2, and The Wolverine are coming down the pike, not to mention A Good Day to Die Hard and The Host showing up in the spring!!

My brother got me addicted to this new game, Songpop. Challenge me, if you dare! Sometimes my itchy trigger finger gets the best of me and I go down in flames but I can’t stop playing!

Not much else to report, hoping to get a digital converter box soon so we can watch the Olympics!


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