Just So You Know

  • A Fiber One Strawberry PB&J bar does not fill the need for something sweet.
  • I’m gonna see Magic Mike if it kills me.  And it might with all that hotness!
  • That really yummy pasta dish I tore the page out of one of my Martha’s for?  DEFINITELY NOT 30 minutes active prep.  More like 90, start to finish.
  • I went to the 99 Cents Only store today for some fresh blog material, but the huddled masses were all over the place making it impossible for me to concentrate on whether something was truly nasty or just cheap.
  • Speaking of said store…. If you buy the bag of Tootsie Pops for 99 cents, you get one more sucker than if you buy the boquet of  10 Tootsie Pops.  Two of each standard  flavor, plus something wild like sour apple!
  • Fat bottomed girls make the rockin’ world go ’round.
  • I found out I have another relative that is a rabid, raving political lunatic.  (No, not you Jim)
  • Orcs are filthy, so says the Precious.
  • After four years of sleepovers, D’s friend J is finally spending the night at our house!  I’m so proud of him.
  • Back in Black makes a depressed person feel pretty good.
  • Legs do not shave themselves.
  • The ignition key to the car does not unlock the trunk, neither doth the door keys start the car.  Thus saith the rules of cars from 1985.
  • Getting new bras is like getting new boobs, except much, MUCH cheaper.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean never gets old.  In my previous post I lamented the eventual loss of John Williams (knock on wood, spit spit, throw some salt over my shoulder) and wondered who might take his place in the movie score universe.  I think it might be Klaus Badelt.
  • Some friends send chocolate when you are depressed.   Some friends send super-nasty paleo barsother things.  I am grateful for both kinds of friends.
  • Sometimes when you run out of funny, it’s bet to cut your losses and run.

G’night Gracie!


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