Never Say Never. Or Die. Or Goodbye. Or “Fire!” in a Crowded Theater.

(any other song/movie titles I missed?)

The other day Mom went to get her hair done.  When she walked in the door I thought my grandma A had been brought back to life, only taller.  This is funny and sad at the same time because I know my mom would rather die than resemble granny in any way, shape, or form.  “When I get old, I’m never going to be like my mother.  If I am, then take me out back and shoot me!”

How many of us say things like that?  “I’m never/I’ll never….”  What do you do when you find yourself doing those things you swore you never would?

First, I cringe.  Then I acknowledge what I’ve just done and if I can, immediately rectify the situation.  For example:

Someone in my family is a total slob.  They leave their dishes, trash, food, mail, and other detrius of their life where they opened or ate them and will often remark about “what a mess this place is!” without acknowledging their rather large contribution.  I admit, I am not perfect, but this is one thing that drives me bat-shit crazy; and when I have caught myself committing (or about to commit) the same sin, a round of self-chastisement and cleanup begins in a fashion most masochists would be jealous of.

Now it’s your turn.  Leave me a comment about your hypocrisy for all to enjoy!


The 3rd grade went to a field trip at the bowling alley this morning.  That’s one of my favorite things about this charter school we send our kids to.  They have field trips!  Heck, they’ve had 3 or 4this year!  Most public schools are lucky if they get one, and even more of them don’t even get that.  I’m beginning to think that field trip = “My brain exploded and I can’t teach any more because school is almost out for the year” because Shana the Beautiful informed me that the teachers are trying to swing a field trip to Lowe’s in the next week or so.  Did I mention there’s only 15 days of school left?  I know kids get antsy in the last weeks of school and often act out mischievously, and I know teachers get antsy too, but who knew they’d resort to planning field trips on short notice to relieve that?  Well played, teachers.  Well played!

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