All Growed Up

We had a party to go to this afternoon.  As I was mustering the ranks for inspection I snapped at S to “go wash your dang face!”, AGAIN, because his mouth area was just so dirty looking!  Upon closer inspection, I noticed something horrific:

My 11 year old son is growing… A MUSTACHE!!!

Nevermind that B, who turns 13 today btw, is not yet growing facial hair.  Oh wait.  What’s that?  He has a mustache, too?!?!?!?!?!?!

Saints alive, what’s happening here?!  They’re too young to be sporting facial hair!!  What do I do?

Do I teach them to shave it once a week or so?  Do we leave it alone?  Do we…. wax it?

Enlighten me, please.  I’m freaking out.


Comments here ---> (please?)

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