What Was I Thinking?

I have some time on my hands this morning and like all good stay at home moms I am avoiding housework like the plague.  I decided to sit down and write something here but I didn’t have anything pressing on my mind, so I thought I’d write some more S, B and L stories (hereafter known as SBL for short).  These are stories I used to tell my kids when they were younger at bedtime.  I swapped the first letter of one name with the rest of the other person’s name so that they knew these stories were about them, but had just enough mystery as to who was who.  Well, a couple of years ago I took a creative writing class at the local JC and for subject matter I started writing down the SBL stories.  These stories are completely nonsensical and end very abruptly without warning or closure, which is why my kids thought they were so funny!  I got a lot of great feedback from my instructor and classmates, and more than a few people told me I should send a collection of them to some publishers.

Everyone loves being complimented, and if the compliments are founded in truth it makes you feel amazing.  Everyone also has insecurities and usually will blow off these compliments until a sufficient amount have accumulated to make it seem like “Ok, maybe people are being really honest!  Maybe I really do have a gift for this!”  Then you start to believe that you could be one of the lucky few who gets published, like my friend Brodi Ashton and her YA novel Everneath, and you start doing things like ordering calling cards that list your occupation as “writer”.  I’m not in denial.  I know I have been blessed with being able to write fairly well, just maybe not as well as I thought I could.

As I sat down to write today I decided to re-read the SBL stories to get the juices flowing and make sure I stayed with the same formula;  except when I finished reading them I thought:  “These stories were really stupid!”

What was I thinking?  What were those other people thinking?  I don’t think they were outright lying to me, but I’m seriously starting to question the sad state of affairs that society at large is in when they consider those stories a great read.


3 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking?

  1. I dunno, Sal, I’ve gone back and re-read some of my favorite stories from when I was a kid…some of them were award winning books, but to read them now my brain goes numb. Not to say yours would do the same, but more that perhaps you’re being hyper-critical of yourself. Keep on writing, SBL could be the next Harry Potter.

  2. Agree. Kids love stupid. Reference the series “The Stupids” by Harry Allard and James Marshall. Funniest ever.

    That said, I am going to post a funny video for you on FB. Brace yourself.

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