On My Honor

Tonight was my first Scout Court of  Honor.  The simplest description for it is Cub Scout Pack Meeting on speed.  Here’s the format:  Announcements, Rank Advancements, Merit Badge Awards, lots of clapping, Goodnight!  Better yet, they only do it 3 times a year!

I feel badly about complaining about Cub Scouts.  We actually have a super awesome Cubmaster and the leaders put on an amazing program for our boys.  They put so much time and effort into their callings, and I really applaud and admire them for it.  However, I have the attention span of a gnat and also I don’t like crowds or loud noises.  So Pack Meeting for me is torture.


I sewed some badges on my kids’ shirts tonight with my sewing machine.  It makes me feel so BOSS!  I gotta go find something else to sew.  This is a picture of my machine:

You’d feel like a BOSS if you had one like it, too.  Singer 4411 Heavy Duty.  Go forth and sew!


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