When They Were Young

Now that Mom is getting ready to move planning on moving this June, I have been doing some planning of my own.  I’ve planned my garden, and even taken steps to move forward with it.  I’ve planned to rip out the dead lemon tree and ugly rosebushes in my front beds and grow food there instead.  My landscape guy will be here at 9:00 Wednesday morning, and I’m like a little kid in a candy store!  (And yes, Emily H, I can give you his number!)

I have plans for the back yard as well, but they will have to wait until next tax season.  We’re installing (ok, we’re paying someone to install) fake grass on our small “yard” to keep rocks and dirt from getting into the pool, adding a nice (yet-to-be-determined) tree, and getting chickens for the side yard.  While I’m thinking of my new back yard and how we’ll be able to have friends and company over when Mom moves, I of course start getting ahead of myself and start thinking of how I would really like to have a MOMS Club reunion and see all my old friends from when my boys were younger!

If you’re not familiar with the MOMS Club, let me fill you in.  They are an international organization that stands for Moms Offering Moms Support.  Mommies with newborns, mommies with toddlers and preschoolers, even mommies with teenagers and grandkids.  The City of M where I used to live had a chapter and it would host a fun Halloween carnival at the library park each year.  It was there that I met an extremely social woman named Cheryl while I was PG with D, who made such an impression on me with her kindness that I wasn’t nervous at all to join their ranks a few months after he was born.  We had organized playgroups every week, assorted field trips and seasonal activities, all kinds of parties and Moms Night Out;  these women became my lifesaver when I needed it most.  It was also there that I met Shana-the-Beautiful who has become one of my very best friends and another dear friend and stylist, Miss Donna, who has kept my and my family’s hair looking uber-fabulous ever since!

After a few years I grew out of need for the MOMS Club and let my membership go.  I’ll always have a special place in my heart for it but with all my kids in school full time, the needs I had when they were younger weren’t there any more.  It was sad to let it go, but I’ve kept in contact with a few of the girls through Facebook and from time to time I see them at the store or at Target and we have a fun time catching up.

During some dark days I “un-friended” many of them on FB (as well as others, including my family), but I’m better now so I’m seeking them out and hoping they’ll accept me once again.  So far, so good!  And as we move forward with beautifying our home, inside and out, I very much look forward to having them in my life again.  I can’t wait to see how all the children have grown and to hear what we’re all doing now that they don’t need us so much.

If you’ve stuck with me MOMS and I haven’t known it, thank you.  I can’t wait to see you again!


One thought on “When They Were Young

  1. Sally,

    Thanks so much for this….I so do not think of myself as a “social” person. I have had a very hard time adjusting to Utah. I would LOVE to see all the women who were around everyday when my boys were toddlers. I am thankful for facebook, so I can at least see all the kids grow up. Your so sweet 🙂 You really brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could see your yard!!


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