No, not that twilight.  The one where the sun has stayed long into the early evening hours and then oh-so-suddenly it sets; leaving you with juuuuuuuust enough light to still play outside, but not for long.

The one where you sit in the swing on the front porch and talk about your day with the one you love.  Holding hands, resting your head on their shoulder, maybe one of you hums the song you danced to at your wedding. 

Crickets are chirping.  Porch lights and street lamps blink on, and off in the distance you can hear a dog barking the evening news to his friends.  Children start to gather closer to home, but cries of “Five more minutes?” send them back to their bikes or the ball game.

Now it is dark.  The stars twinkle in the muted blues and purples of the night sky and give you dreams of days at the beach, picnics on the river, and gratitude for the One who created it all.

Tonight I saw the future, and this was it.


One thought on “Twilight

  1. Oh, how I LOVE this post! You described it so perfectly. It makes me long for those warm, summer evenings when life lets you hit the ‘pause’ button for just a moment. (sigh) I need to slow down and find those moments. Thanks for the reminder.

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