My thoughts race at the speed of light.  The following story illustrates how crayons = my 40th birthday.

I was on Pinterest this morning and somebody had pinned these awesome mustache crayons on a Party Favors board.

Hey, I like to party!  In fact, I’ve thrown myself several great parties!  I don’t do it anymore because it’s too depressing when no one comes, and also because we are dirt poor, but someday I’m going to be 40 and who skips going to somebody’s 40th birthday party?  That’s right.  Nobody does!  Especially if you are the one invited to mine, because this is gonna be a bash you will not want to miss.  How do I know this when said birthday is 3 years, 2 months, 1 week and 4 days away?  Because I just started planning it, that’s how!

Honey thinks I’m a little OCD.  I say, Be Prepared!

There’s going to be a photo booth with props, a bounce house, karaoke, and a pinata!  Also lots of good food, I’m gonna board my dog so she’s not in the way, and even the adults get goodie bags!  Plus, I’m going to have it a month later than my actual birthday so it will 1) Not be a holiday weekend (Curse you, Memorial Day!!) and 2) Be warm enough to swim in my pool!!

To all of my out of town/state friends, consider this your warning.  Your absence will be noted and judged upon!

(Do you think I need a Pin-tervention?)


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