Dr. Phil Says…

A couple of months ago I was watching a lot of Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz.

Since my regular Dr. is out early on maternity leave (she’s having twins this spring!) they’re my main men.  Except, I can only take Dr. Phil in verrrrry small amounts.  I’m sure you understand.  But, I digress…  As a result of my Dr. watching, the villagers started going around saying to each other”Dr. Phil says….” in a knowing voice, as if they had some wisdom to spew at each other between fights.  It’s pretty funny when you see it.  Maybe I will figure out how to upload a video from my phone.

I haven’t seen my therapist in 8 months.  I saw her for something last June and long story short, I feel like I got dropped like a hot rock and she abandoned me.  It’s really left me on my own to deal with the little voices in my head, which have been at the top of their game lately.  Recently I looked around and got angry at myself because I let things get to where I no longer recognize myself.  I stopped doing so many things that made me, me.  I used to love writing here and using my gift with words.  I used to not care what other people thought about what I wrote (as far as subject matter), but the more my life got away from me the less I had to say that I felt I could leave uncensored.  Well, that’s gone now.  I’m going to write what I want to write and let the chips fall where they may.  It’s not like I feel like I’m a big ball of controversy, but I know that some people aren’t ready to talk about what I might feel like saying.  What I have to say won’t be the start of any problems that might come, it just will force it out in the open to be talked about honestly.

I guess that’s the end of today’s session.  I just wanted to let you know, I’m coming back!


4 thoughts on “Dr. Phil Says…

  1. I love it when you are uncensored. I didn’t realize you’d been without your doctor and therapist. I’m a pretty poor substitute, huh? Love you my dear.

  2. emily’s sister in law here… i don’t know how i stumbled onto your blog a while ago but i tagged it b/c i thought you were very funny and refreshing… many people don’t have the gift of good rhetoric and wit that you have. write on!
    nic kesten

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