Up On The Soapbox Reindeer Pause (Or is it Paws?)

I had some really funny things I wanted to share about Valentine’s day, and some things that tick me off, and then I read this:  BIG BROTHER IS SNOOPING IN YOUR LUNCH BOX!!!

I should seriously not look at FB on my way to bed.  In fact, it is now Honey’s job to turn off BoobTube 2.0 (the computer) before I come to bed so stuff like that doesn’t happen and get me all riled up before bed with no good TV to watch when what I really wanted was to go to sleep!  But I digress..

My real reason for coming to the soap box today is Valentine’s Day.  Now that it is 11:38 p.m. and all the fun has been had (ok, maybe the non-parent types are still having fun) I would like to share some observations I made today:

  • My man loves me.  He fixed my broken clay Mexican Man statue that one of my friend’s kids broke into pieces (but I did not cry because I am sure I love whichever friend it was, I have since forgotten who, and did not want them to feel bad because I would have felt like a turd on a shoe if the roles were reversed!)
  • People (and by people I men men and boys over the age of 9) seem to think that Valentine’s Day is also “National Pit Stick Avoidance Day”  You would not believe the amount of B.O. that attacked me on the way from my table in the back of the Olive Garden to the throngs of people waiting for a table in the front!  I seriously almost passed out.
  • Mom and I hit the See’s Candy store after dinner.  She was concerned it might not be open so late (5:30ish).  I said “Are you kidding?  It’s Valentine’s Day.  They probably are open late!  FYI, they are.  Until 9:30.  I was really disgusted by the lack of preparation by the men clenching their cheeks in fear that they might not get a box to take home to their sweetheart.  Seriously?  It’s the end of the big day and you are just now getting to this???  Then I got even madder.  You know these guys grew up watching their dads do the same thing to their mothers and that’s why they think it’s o.k. to do to their significant other!  STOP THE INSANITY!!  Sometimes I’m glad I’m the only woman in the house.  That way, there is NO mistaking what the rules are on when to give gifts and how you absolutely do not leave it until the last second because we know…. We know if you are the loser stopping at the side of the road at 6:59 p.m. on Valentine’s Day to pick up the last bunch of plastic flowers for sale!

That’s pretty much it.  There may have been more but I had some technical difficulties (the script on this page has stopped running…) that made me lose steam.

I hope your Valentine’s Day was all you wanted it to be, and if it wasn’t, let me put your hubby in touch with mine.  He can give him lessons.

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