I’m Good

I, uh, I got some succulents over the weekend that I want to put in a planter I’ve got.  I asked the dude for directions but he basically made me feel like a moron.  So this morning I was on Pinterest.com and decided I really need to start finiding stuff to pin.  Which sent me to flickr.  Which then made me say to myself, “Duhh… find a how-to video on youTube!”  So I went to youTube and on the front page was a new video from BYUDivineComedy which, normally I would shun because it has the letters B, Y, and U touching together but I watched it.  I thought it was lame because I didn’t know the actual song they were parodying but I knew I’d seen good stuff from them before.  (I know, I’m talking too much, get to the point already!) Anyway, I saw this, and now you must too:

You’re welcome.


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