(Man, I hope that’s how you spell that word!  I don’t think spell check works in the headline…)

Many of my millions of readers have commented to me that I don’t post any more.  This is not true.  I post quite frequently.  In my head.  I’ve come up with a zillion ideas for great posts, but by the time I get everyone taken care of and then can even use my own computer, I’ve been asleep for three hours and have to get up and start the day all over again.  So you can see why I have a hard time making the connection from my brain to the keyboard!  And now that I’ve sat down to punch out a few of the great ideas I’ve had, I can’t remember a single one of them.  Dammit!

I started by calling this Potpourri because that’s the category they have on Jeopardy! when they have a bunch of answers floating around but not enough to make an entire category of any one genre for you to connect the dots to.  I’m grasping at straws trying to remember all my topics!  I used to carry around a notepad so I could jot things down as they came to me, but then people (and by people I mean Honey) kept stealing my pens.  OH!  Pens!!  I remembered something!

  • There’s this store in my town called “Tipton’s Stationery”.  I’m not sure why since 80% of the inventory is not stationery related, but rather china place settings, silver settings, and knick knacks galore.  Also they have a selection of Hallmark cards from 1973 since they aren’t a licensed Hallmark store but do carry the products.  Anyway, anyone who knows me knows that office supplies are my kryptonite, my crack, my booze, my crutch.  And at Tipton’s, they have…. PENS!  Lots and lots of pens.  Pens that are my favorites!!  Pens that for whatever reason you either can’t buy them at OfficeMax/Staples period, or you can but only in a box of 9,000 for $45.87.  And really, I just want one!  Or three.
  • “Tea” – I took the boys to Miss Donna to get hair cuts.  She works at a salon now instead of out of her home which on the one hand is great, and on the other hand not great (for various reasons).  The salon started as one salon, and then another salon came along and devoured it and put all the product in the universe in the lobby.  Some of this product is a line of Tazo teas, and Tea Forte teas; which aren’t actually tea at all but tisanes and tinctures (a.k.a. herbal teas).  And there is this one that I am dying to try, but not for $10.95/box.  I checked it on Amazon.com where of course, it’s less, but they don’t have the exact flavor I want!  Jerks.
  • My friend Brodi Ashton is a real live author!  She wrote a YA novel called Everneath.  I was secretly worried because Brodi is a rock star and what if I didn’t like her book?  But if it really and truly sucked than she couldn’t have got a book deal to begin with so there’s no way it could suck, right?  It doesn’t suck.  It is the opposite of suck.  I read some of it on FB and it is frakkin’ awesome!  Hurry up and make it be January 24th so I can finish reading it (that’s the official launch date)!!  I wish I could attend the launch party at The Kings English.  Since I can’t, if you live in the Salt Lake City area, will you go for me?  And give her a two thumbs wayyyyy up?  K, thanks!
  • We got a Wii for Christmas.  Honey keeps kickin’ my trash at Boom Bloxx.  Why, when I throw and release the exact same way every single time, do I sometimes rock the throwing of baseballs and bowling balls, but other times (ok, most times) do I get air balls?  All kinds of cheating going on is what I say!  We also got Parcheesi for Christmas.  In a round about way.  Mom got me a kindle and a kindle cover.  Except the cover was really made for another e-reader and didn’t fit.  So I exchanged it.  For Parcheesi.  (There weren’t any other cute kindle covers at Target, don’t judge!)  Little D has beat us TWICE.
  • Why can’t my teeth just brush themselves?  That way when I rush out the door in the morning and forget that I haven’t brushed my teeth, I won’t be embarrassed when I decide to stop off at the grocery store on the way home from dumping kids off at school.  Especially since it’s the eleventeenth commandment of my other religion to smile every waking moment of the day.
  • It was 75′ the other day.  Don’t hate.  I had my windows open all over the house.  Now you can hate.  But not for too long, it went right back to the mid-50’s this week.  If Mother Nature were really a woman, she wouldn’t pull that kind of crap on me.  Only a man could be this cruel.

There’s more, I swear, but it seems the faster I type that the faster time passes, not slower, and I simply can’t keep racking up these Mother of the Year awards for picking my kids up from school late.  But if I don’t hit publish now, I never will and then this will just be another post hanging out in the lounge in my head, drinking lemon-mint nojitos.



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