Christmas Adam

Happy Christmas Adam, everyone!  (Because Adam came before Eve…)

My son was telling me about Christmas Adam the other day and I thought how clever it was!  SO clever, that I’ve decided to run with it and create a whole new tradition around it.  This year I found it too late, but next year….

Christmas Adam will have gifts.  Gas station gifts.  For those who don’t know about gas station gifts, they are what you get/give to people who tell you late at night the day before Christmas, when all the stores are closed, that they’re coming from great distance to see you on Christmas!!

Christmas Adam will also have games.  “Minute to Win It” type games.  Hopefully, our friends and neighbors will be joining in on the fun.

And food.  Gas station food!  Like crackers and spray cheese.  Funyuns.  Pigs in a blanket.  Beef jerky.  Slim Jims.  King sized candy bars and cheese sticks.  Dessert?  Slushies, donughts, and energy shots!

I wish you and yours the very best on Christmas.  Until then, Merry Christmas Adam!


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