Jut saying hi.  Feeling out of body today.  Is it because we watched “Ghostbusters” last night?  I don’t know.  Listening to iTunes as I write and thinking that sometimes I wish I didn’t know the real lyrics in some songs.  I like the ones I make up better.  Other times my lyrics are like, huh?  and the real one makes so much more sense.  Lately I’ve been hating on water and Coke.  Cran-Grape juice is a good subsitute.  I was reading that a friend of mine is making a weighted vest for her son that has sensory issues.  It got me thinking how I really like it when I’m at the dentist and they put that apron thing on you when you get an x-ray.  I want some of those to wear at home.  It feels good to have that pushing down on me.  I’m not saying I have sensory issues, but it does feel better when I have anxiety and my honey holds me really tight.  REALLY tight.  I had a migraine this week that was 3 (or 4?) days long.  I actually started crying on the last day it was so bad.  Someone was using something in my house that made me react really badly to the scent of it.  After much paranoia and throwing away of much-loved hand soaps, we discovered the culprit.  A room spray.  Eeeeeeevil room spray!  It doesn’t help that I have a bionic nose that can smell everything.  It’s a blessing and a curse.  Kind of like me.

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