Notes To Self:

  • Mornings are now evil.  If it’s dark, you should be sleeping!
  • It is still illegal to kill kids, even if they are asking for it.  This also goes for moron drivers, MENSA rejects and Darwin Award Winners.
  • Stock up on bootie socks.  It got cold right quick!
  • Just go buy new nail polish.  Then the other ones you bought will show up.
  • You probably should do some of the projects you’ve got all the stuff for before you decide to take on a new one.
  • Don’t listen to “Fat Bottomed Girls” until you change your ringtone.  Otherwise you’ll just think your phone is ringing all the time, and you are not that popular!
  • Dinner does not make itself.  Ever.  Not even in the crock pot.
  • You don’t have a crock pot.
  • You suck at karaoke because when you sing in the car you only sing just loud enough for you to hear, not like you are the one singing the song.  You have to practice being good and LOUD, not just good.
  • No one knows about your awesome handcrafted jewelry collection if you don’t wear it.
  • Your one-woman letter writing campaign worked, the real reason Chick-fil-A is building near you is because they’re scared not to.  No, they will not give you a cut for giving them such incredible business advice.

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