I May Be 36 But Inside Me Lives A 10 Year Old Boy

This summer my dear sista Ana Banana introduced us to “Potter Puppet Pals” on youTube.  “Wizard Swears” is the best for sure.  I laughed so hard I cried!  Then, when I was in UT last month my sister introduced me to the clever little videos in the “Kid History” family.  The first one is really dumb, but I give two thumbs way up to the rest.  I think Episode 5 is my favorite, but 4 and 6 are pretty sweet as well.  I could watch these over and over and laugh in the same places as though it were the first time.  I admit it.  I am a 10 year old boy when it comes to humor.  Why can’t there be more good, basically clean, adolescent humor like this in the world?


In other news… I am doing a project and I need your help.  I’m starting a baby bib business and I need your retired denim.  So!  Jeans, skirts, jumpers, I want it!  Holey is ok, painted or otherwise stained is not.  If you’re close to me I can pick it up, if you’re not I can’t currently pay you to ship it but maybe you could just hold on to what you have and I can send for it later on.

Also, if you are so inclined and not using them yourself can I have your Coke Rewards codes?  Save your bottlecaps and cardboard packaging and I’ll pick it up or you can just email me the codes.  You can find them on all Coke products, even the ones at Costco!  It’s how I get some of my magazine subscriptions.  And if you know me, you know what a magazine junkie I am!

Alrighty.  I’m on the verge of being late for afterschool pickup.  But one last thing… I’ve got a tutoring job that landed in my lap for a girl in 4th grade (I think? might be 5th or 6th) and I don’t know how much to charge.  What would you pay for after school homework help?


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