Missed It (again!) Monday – Five Ways I Know It’s Fall

I can’t believe I missed another Friday.  I actually remembered during the day but just couldn’t come up with anything off the cuff and by the time I made time to sit and write, it was over.

Five Ways I Know It’s Fall

  1. Window Status – I sleep with my window open whenever possible.  This leads to having a dusty house, but I don’t care.  I love the scent of laundered sheets, especially when they’re cold.  I love the cold air on my face in the morning while I’m still wrapped up in my blankets in bed.  It’s even better if I have my supersoft socks on.
  2. Applesauce – Normally we go to Apple Hill every year.  We head up on opening day of the season, usually Labor Day weekend, get a case or two of apples to make applesauce with, our cider donuts, and then we head over to Coloma where Sutter’s Mill is/was located and chuck the kids in the river for a swim.  Sometimes there are blackberries left on the wild vines and we sample those with our picnic, but mostly the kids get muddy and skip stones.  We stay until sunset and then make our way home in the dark.  This year we didn’t make it, my spectacular Runaway Mommy trip was in the way, but Safeway gave me a deal on my card this week for gala apples at 77 cents/lb. so all is not lost.  There will still be freezer applesauce!!
  3. Socks – I’m a barefoot girl.  It’s part of my claustrophobia.  I don’t like feeling like my feet are in jail from being all tied up in shoes and socks.  But now that I don’t have the a/c on all the time, the windows all over the house are open so I can smell everyone mowing their lawns (sweet!).  But my little tootsies need protection so out come the bootie socks!  I freaking love bootie socks.  Santa even gave me some in my stocking.  Even though they are super-thin, it’s just the right amount of warmth I need to keep from becoming a human popsicle.
  4. Wet Car Syndrome – When I go out in the morning to take the munchkins to school, half my car windows are covered in dew.  I don’t know why only half, but whatever.  Do you think if we had grass the dew would form there and not on my windows?  That might be what it takes to get me to plant one…
  5. Bedtime Win – Bedtime at our house is 7:00 p.m.  This seems positively primeveial but it’s necessary to avoid homicide charges on anyone’s part.  When fall comes, the days are shorter and it seems less and less of a crime to the kids that they go to bed so early.  Plus, lights out isn’t until 8:00 so it’s not like we’re totally cruel.  Just mostly.

I hope you are all enjoying the change of weather and scenery as much as I am.  Fall is my favorite!


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