Missed It Monday – Five Dreams Come True

So, lots of awesome things have been happening for me lately and I want to share so I don’t appear ungrateful for all the awesomeness in my life!  I’ll share my best news first:


  1. Chick-fil-A opens in Manteca!!! – Chick-fil-a is the best fast food restaraunt in the universe.  Next to In-n-Out, of course.  This is one thing I have sorely missed since moving out of Utah 12 years ago.  They opened up one right off the freeway in Elk Grove, but that’s a good 45 minutes from me making it super not convenient to ever go there.  Every time I do they are sure to ask if there is “anything else they can help me with today” and my constant reply is “Yes, BUILD A STORE IN MANTECA!  Or Stockton, or Lathrop, or Tracy!”  Because then I only need a good bookstore and I never have to leave town again!  And every time they laugh it off and say they don’t know about any stores opening up my way.  Recently I decided to become a one-woman letter writing campaign with a plan to barrage CFA with daily emails of me requesting a store in my area.  They actually replied to my first one and kindly informed me that they appreciated my love of their fabulous chicken but they had no intentions (or knowledge) of when a store might be built in my area as they were busy concentrating on the market in Southern California and Arizona.  I don’t know how they can lie with a straight face, but I forgive them.  My local paper carried a news item that Chick-fil-A will be opening a store in the shopping area over by my (newish) Costco this March!  Not the most convenient location, but it does have several plusses.  One, it’s not across town on the other side of the town next to me.  Two, it’s on the route of getting to the movie theater!  Now I can sneak in buttery chicken goodness to my big screen experience!  I seriously can die happy now.  No worries, my funeral will be catered by Chick-fil-A!!
  2. My scale broke – and it’s not my fault!  I can’t imagine it’s more than two years old, but it has the batteries from when I first bought it still in there.  I noticed the scale not turning on the other day and figuring the battery thief who raided my DVD remote might have also raided the scale, flipped it over to check my suspicions.  Good and bad news:  the batteries were still there.  One had exploded and corroded the coil thingy that keeps it in there.  Yeah.  So, not a dream come true that the scale broke, just a dream come true that it wasn’t my fault!  (SHUT UP, SHANA!)
  3. I scored a great find at a junkyard sale – Usually this is something reserved only for the likes of Ana Banana who scores awesome stuff everywhere she thrifts at.  NEVER does this happen to me.  Until now!  I take the same road every day to drive the kids to and from school.  On our way there is a sign for junk removal, and periodically they have a sale of the stuff he removes that still has life in it.  I scored an amazing little media console in the midcentury modern style for $20 bucks!  Originally he was asking $30, which is still a great price for the piece, but all I had was 20.  So I asked.  He accepted!  Upon further inspection it seems that it may have at one time been home to a rawther large TV set, which explains the lack of shelves inside, but then that wouldn’t explain the shower door-like panels that slide open and shut?  At any rate, it’s perfect, and now it’s mine, and I am on the lookout for my next find!
  4. Uh-oh… I guess I have only had three dreams come true.  Other truly awesome things have happened, but nothing else of this magnitude.  And I have actually fallen asleep twice while sitting here, so I guess I’m going to go have some real dreams by taking a nap!  Until next Friday!

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