A Love Letter To My Bed

Dear Bed,

It’s been almost a week since we’ve seen each other and the signs are showing.  My back is hurting, my legs are hurting, my feet stick over the edge… it’s just awful!  My subsitute bed is just not you by any stretch of the imagination.  It is slippery in all the wrong places and the sheets don’t smell the same as yours.  It’s starting to get ugly.  I avoid going to bed at night.  I snack, I watch TV in my mother-in-law’s room while she’s sleeping (she says it’s ok and doesn’t bother her but I still feel guilty!), I play endless games of Mah Jongg on a computer that has no working internet(!!!), and cry silent tears when I eventually crawl into my “guest bed” as I long for the comfort of your pillow-top squishiness and dents where my body fits.

There are six more nights to go, Dear Bed, and I don’t know how I will get by.  I actually stole a nap on my friend’s squishy couch today.  It came close, but lacked the scent of laundry that your sheets provide.  In two days I move to another “guest bed” at a cabin where I will enjoy the company of many of my Sistas.  Hopefully all the karaoke and Cougar-killing will distract me from that bed’s discomfort too, and soon I’ll be back in your loving folds again.

Forever Yours,



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