Friday’s Five – Five Things I Hate About Nevada

  1. Construction – Um, how come no progress has been made on your construction of I-80 since my drive to Salt Lake in August 2010?  Seriously, 1/5 of my drive yesterday was spent going wayyyyyyy under the speed limit and kissing the butt of tractor-trailers hauling 3 big ones.
  2. Bathrooms – Why are there none in the desert?  I guess technically this gripe belongs to Utah as it’s the whole Wendover to Della drive that lacks even a porta potty.  But when you’ve been sucking down 5 hour energy shots, you need to pee a lot!
  3. NO CHICK-FIL-A – Need I say more?
  4. Temperature – It is too hot to just run the fan, but too cold to have on the a/c.  How am I supposed to be comfortable on this interminably long drive?  Make up your mind!
  5. Road Hazards – Somewhere between Reno and Battle Mountain somebody dumped some finishing nails on the freeway.  Either that, or my tires have some seirously powerful magnets inside them that attract nails.  It’s a good thing I discovered this before getting back on the freeway and blowing a tire.  I could’ve ended up waiting 3 hours for emergency roadside service instead of 20 minutes for Battle Mountain Tire Warehouse to prematurely fix my flat!

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