To Whom It Concerns, Costco Edition

Dear Costco,

I’m starting to hate you.  You carry products like sunscreen only in the summer months.  Do we not need sun protection year-round?  You carry other products like snack packs of sunflower seeds and frozen turkey burger patties just long enough to get us addicted and then, POOF!  Gone!  What am I supposed to do now?  How can I get my salt fix without the seeds?  Why do you want me to choose between paying exhorbitant prices at regular stores for sunscreen and risking skin cancer?  It’s just not right.


Not Addicted At All, No Sir


Dear Costco Gas,

You are not saving me money at all.  In some cases, you are costing me money.  Why have a gas station if you’re not going to consistently be 10 cents or more per gallon cheaper than my Quickie Mart?  Seriously, if you’re only going to be the same price as the town stations or 1-2 cents cheaper I’m just going to have to boycott.

Ya-ha Bi Bi,

Pinches Her Pennies


Dear Costco Food Court,

Get a bigger pizza oven.


Would Rather Have Smaller Pizzas Faster For Your Price Than Wait 60+ Minutes For Yours


One thought on “To Whom It Concerns, Costco Edition

  1. Amen sista! I am constantly getting addicted to products only to find they have stopped carrying them next time I go in. I am seriously going to write a letter!

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