I think it’s because I don’t really read the donor materials.  I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years now and I think I’m good with just filling in the appropriate bubbles and signing, thank you.

(Can you tell yet that it didn’t go well at the blood bank today?)

I drank like a friggin’ fish.  I got my reminder call yesterday, and I had several friends help me remember today.  I dumped off the kids instead of inflicting them on the crowd at the bank.  And the thanks I get?  “Sorry, we can’t use it… it’s been air-contaminated.”

(insert mental blue streak here)

Yeah.  They got it in, it came out much faster than last week, but then it started to slow.  A lot.  The little towel around the squeezy thingy was slipping so I tried to gently manuver myself so I could re-wrap it and OHHOLYMOTHEROFPETETHATHURTS!!!!!!!  The nurses rushed over to find out that I had dislodged the needle.  There goes 1/2 pint of my blood, down the drain!  Or burned, or whatever they do with contaminated body fluids.

To top it all off, I’d had too much drained to just go.  I had to wait the whole 15 minutes listening to the little old ladies chitchat in the very uncomfortable canteen!

I don’t think I’ll be going back.  Too much trauma.


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