Friday’s Five! ON Friday!!

I know, can you believe it?  Well, technically it’s still Thursday, but by the time I finish popping this out it will be Friday so… same diff.

Five Things That Scare the Bejeeziz Out of Me:

  1. Spiders and bugs in general.  I know I am wayyyy bigger, but they have poison.  I do not.  And they are sneaky.  They can totally kill you before you even know it!
  2. Heights and depth, too.  Like, if anything is higher than a standard step I have serious issues with jumping or climbing down.  I will totally not jump in a lake because dude, where’s the bottom?  And even worse is the ocean.  Like if I’m out on a boat?  Not getting out.  There’s no bottom to the ocean.  Just death.  And poisonous fish.
  3. Needle sticks.  Once upon a time I was seventeen.  And I totally badgered my mom into giving me permission so I could go donate blood.  It was exciting, the man nurses were hott, and it tickled when they swabbed my inside elbow with the alcohol pad.  Fast-forward 19 years, and I still donate blood but it’s TORTURE.  I have to look the other way, I get so anxious I want to run out of the bank, and those mean old ladies in the cantine make you stay 15 minutes ON. THE. DOT! before they let you leave, even though you are clearly fine or you have someone else with you who can drive!
  4. Movies but just the really suspenseful ones.  I screamed like a little girl when we saw “Super 8”.  I LOVED it!!  Because if you can survive the scariness, you come out feeling AWESOME!  Like, you survived the awfulness and it was only the other losers that got killed/maimed/hacked.
  5. The Future freaks me out so much I can’t even talk about it.

And there it is.  12:03 a.m.  I told you it would be Friday when I finished!


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