True Stories

These are real events.  I experienced them all today.  Or fairly recently.

  • I took Mom to her bank after we did some errands in Stockton.  As we pulled up we saw yellow tape across the entrance.  Guess what?  It wasn’t construction.  IT WAS A CRIME SCENE!!!
  • Driving in the “fast” lane on the freeway I noticed the PoPo about 1/4 mile behind me.  Mom hasn’t received her new tags yet and technically I may have been speeding at 5 mph over the limit.  I slowed down so as to not call attention to myself.  Another mile down the freeway and that fast lane ends.  I started to signal and move into the new fast lane and NO LIE, the cop nearly tore off half the car as he sped ahead to cut me off!!\
  • Last spring we went to See’s.  This particular location is kind of an outlet in that if you have a quantity discount card you get a pretty good deal on the pre-packaged items, and they also handle the fundraisers that schools, scouts, and bands like to do.  As is my custom, I struck up a conversation with this older lady who was totally loading up her cart with like, 50 lbs. of chocolates.  At the same time I was asking the little cashier chick about the discount card, trying to see if Honey’s CTA membership got us one.  No.  Anyway, the lady left (she was in a hurry!) and we paid and were walking to our car when she rushes up and says “Here!  I have an extra one of these cards.  I want you to have it!”     We used it today.  I love those little pops that they make from the suckers!  Instead of $4.00/box they’re $2.75, which is still kind of a ripoff, but whatever.  Also, you can’t get the individual flavor boxes.  All they had with the discount was Assorted and Cafe Latte.
  • Earlier this summer we had an air conditioner incident.  We found a reasonably priced fixit dude and depleted our sad little savings.  A few days later, it broke again.  Of course he guarantees his work and comes back to take care of it, only it’s not the thing he fixed before.  He fixed it anyway.  FOR FREE.     Our pool sweep has issues.  It was just NOT sucking like it should.  Pool man came over himself and fixed it.  NO CHARGE.   Last winter, our freezer kept thawing out and then re-frosting over.  Like a wooly mammoth, only ice instead of hair.  All our food was damaged and had to be chucked.  OUCH.  I finally got around to calling some repair places.  I wasn’t happy.  We just needed a new seal for cryin out loud!  The last guy that returned my call?  He actually listened to me tell him what happened.  He told me I didn’t need him, I could fix it myself!  Then he told me how to do it.  FOR FREE!!!!!!   I feel like I should make an offering to the Good Samaritan Gods.
  • After getting gas today, this landscaper dude and his trailer did not come to a stop and turned riiiiiiight in front of us.  And had the nerve to flip me the bird when I honked!!
  • I discovered a new show.  “Dance Moms”.  Lemme tell you, it has wayyyyyy more mama drama than “Toddlers & Tiaras”!!  I hope it’s available On Demand so I can catch up on all the episodes I’ve missed.

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