Today I picked up B from the airport.  We last saw B when we were on a family vacation in Reno and sent him off to Utah for a couple of weeks.  He spent most of the time with Honey’s parents, saw my sister for a couple of days, and ended it all with a camping trip in southern Utah.  What fun, right?

For him, maybe, but not for me.

I think one-on-one time is great for kids to have with their grandparents.  I think 2 1/2 weeks is too much.  B in particular gets so used to being an only child, it makes for a difficult re-entry into the family.  B is very intelligent and mature for his age and is often treated older than he is.  But he’s still 12 and already has teen brain drain syndrome,  If you give him three weeks off of chores (because we’d already been on vacation when he left) and having to deal with his brothers, it turns him into Mr. I’m Too Good For That.

Worst of all, my father-in-law turned him on me.  The ultimate betrayal… He brainwashed him into not rooting for the Utes come football season!!!  I explained to B that he would no longer be welcome to live in our house if that was his position and he quickly switched back, but I told him it didn’t matter.  I know where his true allegiance lies and if his motives aren’t pure, neither is his conversion.  He will need to find someplace else to live.

To add insult to injury, they sent him back in an outfit that looked more appropriate for captaining the Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland.  I’m grateful for all they do, I really am.  They give our kids experiences we otherwise couldn’t and clothes that they need.  But is it really necessary to make him a mini-me of his 64 year old grandfather???


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