It’s A Small, Small, Small, Small World!

Have you ever played that game “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon”?  I share with pride that I am only one degree.  It stems from the fact that I know everybody.  Everywhere I go, I know someone.  EVERYWHERE!!!

When I was 12, I went to NYC to visit my aunt.  The super-ultra Reader’s Digest version of this story (because I think I’ve mentioned it before) is none of my family are members of the Church.  Being newly minted to the YW Program, I asked her to take me to church.  Which happened to be across from the Lincoln Center.  All during the meeting I had a feeling I was going to see someone I knew.  At the end of the hour as we were waiting for the elevator, I SAW SOMEONE I KNEW.  Like what 12 year-old is going to see someone they know at a Mormon church in the middle of Manhattan?  This 12 year-old, that’s who!

Several times I have been at Disneyland and seen people I know, or people related to people I know.  One time while waiting for the Jedi Training Academy show to start, I chatted up the people in front of us.  This is something I will normally do to pass time, but it’s especially fun if you’ve targeted them as Mo’s (which they were).  When we got around to the “where are you from?” part of the discussion it turned out that they lived in the same town as Honey’s best childhood friend.  Who they know!!

Here we come to the sponsor of today’s post.  It is this advertisement which I just discovered today but wish I had known about sooner so I would’ve been more successful in pestering my friends & family from Utah to attend:

My mom’s cousin’s wife commented on the link that I posted to FB about it that she was interested to know my connection to the event as her friend was the one who is coordinating it.  This is a very nice woman (the cousin in this case) and while technically a family member, I don’t know her that well.  But there you have it:  Today’s other sponsor is the game “6 Degrees of Dennie Denhalter”

This post is already long so I won’t share Dennie’s story here, but I do hope you’ll go HERE and read it.

Dennie is a huge reason Honey and I got together when he came home from his mission (they were in the MTC together and comps at the beginning and end of their missions).  He’s the big brother I always wanted, and when it came time to name what we knew would be our last child, we picked his.

So if you live in Utah and you’ve got the time, please go.  Because it’s a great cause, and because we can’t be there ourselves.  If you can’t go but you’re in a position to make a donation, please, do that instead.

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