The Times, I Need Them A’Changein’

Honey works part time at a famous tutoring center and one of his students from this last year at school recently attended a few sessions there.  Said student has two brothers and being that it’s typically hotter than Hell in a heat wave out here, Honey being neighborly decided to invite them to come swimming today.  This is cool with me, I like to be a good neighbor/community member/whatever.  But when you get a group of kids in a certain age group, there is a lot of yelling and screaming like little girls.  And I mean that in the most unflattering way possible because seriously?  It’s worse than nails on a chalkboard.

I was inside letting my skin absorb the sunscreen and starting my latest library checkout when something inside me snapped.  What the hell is wrong with these kids?!  What is with all the screaming??  You know, if they were teenagers they wouldn’t be as loud as this.  Say… teenagers… puberty needs to catch up with these boys right quick!  Once those voices deepen there will be a lot less yelling, or at least it will be in an octave that doesn’t send me into a matricidal rage!  Kidding… sort of…


One thought on “The Times, I Need Them A’Changein’

  1. Amen! I think that my kids are the loudest ever. I have a hard time taking them with me sometimes. Then, other times, I hear that they are the best behaved kids that someone has ever seen. Hmmmmm…….

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