Shut The Front Door!

I’m pretty sure the greatest invention of the 21st century is Facebook.

You would not believe the amount of people I have reconnected with and the boost it gives my ego to relive my “glory days” (a.k.a. back when I was skinnier and without anyone to worry about but me, myself, and I).  But then again, you probably do believe because you have had these experiences yourself and you know of what I speak?  I hope so.  Everyone should get to feel this good.

I received a friend request today.  The name was four names long.  I figured out the two in the middle were a nickname of sorts but still… who was this person?  They asked me something only someone from long ago and Far, Far Away could have known so I figured it was ok to friend them.  After a quick scan of their friends list, I determined that this person was an old neighbor of mine.  Wrong-o!  Same last name, but who it really was turned out to be even better!  And no lie, I was actually thinking of them the other day.  When I told them that, they said the same thing happened to them, too.

I think it’s some kind of ESP.  You start thinking of someone from forever ago and it’s like it’s a sign that one of you will find the other sooner than later.  I really do believe all things happen for a reason, I wonder if I’ll get to know why?  In the mean time, I’m jotting down another visit to make when I return to Utah in September and look forward to seeing my old friends.


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