“That’s Not Right” Vol. IXII

Although I would rawther poke No. 2 pencils in my ears and eyes and dig my heart out with a rusty spoon than eat at Carl’s Jr., I condescended to stop there for Shana the Beautiful that her kids might be able to have lunch since they are adverse to any and all foods that come from my house.  At the drive-thru window I noticed a decal I’d never seen before.  It looks like this:

Help me out here…  Pay less with cash?  $0.59 cash discount on sales over $5, but sales over $5 include a $0.56 service fee?  Sounds to me like I’m gettin’ screwed out of 56 cents here because if my math teacher taught me right I’m only getting a 3-cent discount!  Kinda makes me want to pay in pennies to get even.


p.s. 50 million house points if you get the reference to today’s title.


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