That SUCKS!!!

The following is a list of things that suck RIGHT NOW:

1 – I am sick.  Like I want to puke sick.  All.  The.  Time.  It’s rude.  The weather finally turns nice and I feel too crappy to enjoy it!

2 – Little D is sick.  Like with a fever for 3 days sick.  We give him ibuprofen but he’s still hot.  I hate sick kids.  Nothing you do makes them feel better, and after a day they get SO BORED but you can’t have friends over or go anywhere.  RUDE!!

3 – I cancelled Netflix because all we had was the cheapest streaming-only option, and despite how proud they are of their HUGE library of film and TV to watch, NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING, that I want to watch is available for streaming!!  The Burbs, Cocoon, the West Wing, it goes on. (Hey, how come the library has digital books you can download from home, but not digital video streaming?)

4 – None of those shows is available on Hulu or Xfinity online, either!

5 – It’s not July 15th yet.  I can’t take it any more.  I NEED HARRY POTTER 7 pt. 2!!!  I even considered re-reading book 7 (for the eighth time!) but decided to just read the parts after where the movie left off.  It’s also not June 29th, when Transformers 3 opens.  I need some serious blowing up stuff action with some Optimus Prime and Patrick Dempsey thrown in for good measure!

6 – STILL SICK.  Not even a crisp cold ginger beer takes the nausea away.  And drinking that is basically like eating ginger straight up from the ground, so you know something’s not right!

7 – My pool sweep keeps breaking.  Seriously annoying.  The pool guy comes on Wednesdays.  That is the only day the pool is clean.  He gets the sweep to work and by Friday I realize it’s not working any more so I call Pool Steve and tell him to have Ukranian Pool Man (the one that comes on Wednesdays) look at it, again.  We have decided it needs a new diaphragm.  (OMG, I can’t believe I spelled that right!)  That better be all it needs be cause the part is $40 or less, a new pool sweep is $299 or more.  Guess which one I can’t afford easier than the other?

8 – Laundry.  Seriously, why do we not have disposable clothes in this day and age?!

Thus ends the list of things that suck RIGHT NOW.  You may be disappointed that there isn’t more, but don’t worry, it is now later and other things are beginning to suck already.


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